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Some Deals are "Too Good to be True"

Why Hiring a GOOD Videographer is Important? I know video is not a priority but it should be. Watch this first.

Most couples don’t like to be filmed, but this day is an ESCEPTION. Everyone looks amazing but more importantly is a day you want to remember not just from posed fake smile photos. (Sorry photographers)

The wedding is so fast paced you will probably miss a lot of important event. You are busy in a "just married" bubble, getting your photos and other things. The wedding day (lets be real) your guests enjoy it more than you. Couples who thought they didn’t need a wedding videographer realized they made a HUGE mistake.

Just be aware, even if you dont like watching yourself on film. You might really regret not having this video to watch! And even though iPhones are now very good quality you still need skills and extra equipment to have a great video.

Yes! your guests will have a lot of videos and photos of your wedding but come on! they are shaky or you hear them screaming on the background or even just crying because they are emotionally invested. A professional videographer is key. They know when and where to be to capture the moments you really want to relive over and over again.OK we’ve established you want a professional videographer.

Now the question is how much you plan on spending on it. This is as important as a good photographer, venue, catering and of course the dress! We can’t haggled on the value of a video of your day. Do you want to have someone who knows exactly what to film? You want someone who is not disruptive of your “moments”? Someone who isn’t there just to do a job for a company owner who is sitting at home watching the bachelor.

You want someone who cares, knows angles, has technique, has been in contact with you since day one (because this helps in knowing what is important for you) to be able to capture not just your wedding day, but your essence and personality. You don’t want your video to look like everybody else's. You want your video to capture you in your element. Trust me I know it could be expensive but I promise it is all worth it! You can save on Louis Vuitton shoes nobody sees (plus are very uncomfortable), You can save on an overly expensive dresses that you will only use a few hours (plus you can barely dance in).

This is a memory that will be treasured forever. Your dress and shoes will be forgotten but your video you can show to many generations and for you to remember why you said “I do" and continue to say “I do” forever.

Some deals are too good to be true. Trust me my friend had a Photo + Video for $1,700 (that sounds very good right?) it is never good. She regretted ever making that decision because the quality was just horrendous. Please do me a favor look for consistency on your videographers work. Some companies showcase only the good projects who is probably from someone who doesn't even work there anymore. A good Wedding videographer prices

ranges from $2,000 - $10,00. Keep this in your budget and I promise you will never regret spending that money.

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