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Moving from Puerto Rico to United States

The story of a fearless girl with a dream.

I will tell you how I started from nothing to a little bit more. Mistakes, tears, risks, loneliness but none of that stopped me from moving forward. I was a Senior in High School on 2008, a normal girl who didn’t fit in because (this is a cliché but is true) I was born to stand out. All my friends were in the not so surprising sports and team spirit bandwagon ( don’t get me wrong I once participated in a team) but that was not what made me spark. I wanted to be in the not so popular only 5 girl choir and the social suicide drama club. That is when I learn that my life was not going to be what every parent wishes for their child. I was not going to be an engineer or a doctor nor a lawyer. I wanted to be an artist. At the moment I didn’t know exactly what but I knew it would involve either acting, music or dance. (spoiler alert it was none of that exactly) When I was in my last year in High School we did a play that all seniors had to do to pass. Nobody was happy about that but me. I got a very important role (not the protagonist which of course I wanted) but that helped me learn that is not always about the spotlight, it is also about the value you bring to a project. I realized that I didn’t wanted to be the star of a show I wanted to be the creator.

I come from a small island (Puerto Rico) it is known for a flamboyant cultural arts and Miss Universe with beauty, but you’ll be surprised on how little you can grow in the industry. I was like ok I know what I want now how do I get it? I knew I had to move away if I wanted to be successful and have the education I long for. It was a heartbreaking decision because my single, raised us on her own , hardworking military mother, who had been deployed most of my high school was coming back home and I was leaving. My mom is my rock, my hero, my angel and my strength. She not only supported me despite it all, she encouraged me to dream big. “She knew that day would come one day. She knew her daughter was not going to settle for anything society wanted her to do. She knew her daughter was going to stand out not only for what she believed in, she would speak for those who didn’t have a voice. She was going to make things happen.” Instead she didn’t project any fears onto me, she took them away making me believe I could do anything. The moment had come I said “Mom I am going to move to Miami to pursue a career in film”. She wished me luck and the rest is history. I packed and moved to Miami with only $1,000. Yes reality hit me really hard. I was independent but I struggled to get there. If you are thinking on making the big move to a different country. First save enough money because $1,000 is nothing. You need a deposit for rent, car, insurance and more than you think. Just take the time to learn what you would need to spend starting out. I wish you all the best and if you ask me I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

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