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A videographer

WHOis not only going to tell your story but will tell it RIGHT


 This is Kim. I was always the girl that didn't fit in. The one that though I was born into the wrong family. (I love my family don't get me wrong) It is just that I was being raised to follow. If you know me you can agree that I was never a follower. I am the the girl that when she was 18 moved all the way to another country on her own with only $1,000 in her bank account ready to dream. Of course dreams are free but reality is a whole other story, but that didn't stop me.


I am here to tell stories of real people with real emotions and one day be the Kim other girls aspire to be. A leader that is not afraid to take the first step, make a few mistakes and lead by example. I am a big advocate of self love. It has healed me and many others that have suffered from depression and lack of self worth.  We are all unique in our own way and have a purpose in the world. My Purpose is to use my talent and skills to tell stories and to bring awareness. Love is what moves us and it should be celebrated. 

Being in the Moment

Being in the moment with yourself allows you to stay on track with your path, be in control of your emotions and fill yourself with pure energy from mother earth.

The Perfect Time


Timing is everything in life. Have patience because when things don't go the way you plan; it's because something better its out there... waiting...

The Little Things

Give love and it will follow you. Just be ready to receive. Amar y ser amado es ley de vida.

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